Wood TV furniture

bloom Mueble de televisión en madera
Flat screen televisions They have been without doubt one of the appliances with more success for housing, we have seen proliferate throughout the first decade of the 21st century. No doubt these devices offer a quality of vision and far superior to the old TVs performs, but on the other hand its particular design put in a grooming to more than one owner, at the time of placing your TV in a piece of furniture in which there was no or where did not fit.

For this reason, many designers and companies began to squeezing the brain in search of new furniture where to display television and enjoy them. Thanks to them we currently have as nice as this design proposals of Leon Van Zanten.

The designer believes that a television is something essential in a modern home, and proposing to change our way of considering these objects: in addition to practical articles can become decorative, thanks to the furniture for television of its creation. Furniture and equipment are merged to create a beautiful combination that goes by the name of Bloom.The furniture is Vase-shaped, and the idea of its creator is that “the TV becomes automatically the flower that ends the set”.

bloom 250412 05 940x6221 Mueble de televisión en madera
Bloom has been created by pasting layers of wood of beech, and thanks to this structure has been possible to generate the curve and sensual form of furniture. Has also three layers of varnish to protect it and enhance its warm appearance, and its curved does give tocarlo… desire Another advantage of this intelligent design: its interior is hollow, which in addition to lighten the structure allows to pass cables from the TV inside and towards the wall plugs, so they go virtually unnoticed. Bloom furniture doesn’t forget about nothing: also has a discreet slot for the TDT, the DVD Can find you it on the website of Leon Van Zanten.

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