Wilmot, the renovated retro sofa

WILMOT2 Cut Out Buttons Wilmot, el retro renovado
The superb spring-summer collection that the signing of English decoration Habitat has launched for this year 2012, it shines with their own light this beautiful sofa that brings memories of years Jesus… His name is Wilmot and is pure nostalgia. Don’t know if its fine wooden inverted cone-shaped legs, all probably remember the old sofas and chairs of the 1970s; or perhaps by this support of capitoné halfway between the charming and the kitsch… The case is that the sofa Wilmot awakens in us memories and an of reviving past times, something that is revealed as wonderful as evocative.

Signature Habitat launched this sofa as retro in its new line, bet and now what has renewed with a detail that I do not know if you will have called the attention… what we discovered?

Indeed, there are: are these colored buttons that appear on the back. A return of nut to the Classic capitoné is upholstery technique so dear to the British which is placing buttons sewn on sofas and armchairs, to create a padded and textured effect. Since then, the contribution of Habitat is very original and fun, and manages to renew one technique which seemed already trasnochada and old-fashioned, and bring her back to the present day.

In this way, the Wilmot sofa manages to do that the 21st century is based effectively with the style of furniture of the 60s and 70. The result is elegant and fun at the same time. This model is, moreover, very comfortable thanks to its seat of docks, and has the quality that characterizes the Habitat furniture. It is available in the form of Chair, armchair and two-seater sofa, and you can choose in two tones, both neutral: grey or olive green. They are perfect colors to be combined with electric and acid tones of the collection spring-summer Habitat for 2012.

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