Well, we do the maintenance of the pillows?

Almohadas en camas

The pillows are one of these decorative elements that we use daily and which think less likely. Apart from the change of cover regular when we change, bed and some occasional washing, the truth is that we do not provide all the attention that we ought to use that we give them.

To keep the pillow perfect, in the first place should be included in a routine of cleaning. Take them to wash every two or three months should be in the minds of all the decoadictos, as they are deposited dust mites and of course bacteria that we breathe.
Hollow out them should be part of our routine of order in the bedroom as well win in softness and we managed to eliminate part of the dust that has been deposited on it, winning in hygiene. It is true that the viscoelastic pillow is not more ahuecan as much as we sacudamos them but it is worthwhile to do so anyway to remove dust that has on them.

Finally, we have to get us to the idea that the pillows should be changed regularly. The interval can vary depending on the use we give them and the material of which are done, but I think a change every three years can be a cost acceptable that will impact not only on our postural health but also on hygiene that we will achieve cleaner pillows from time to time. In addition, with the pillow that we eliminate we do stuffing for cushions and so also renew its interior.

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