Water Jewels Gunni & Trentino collection

Water Jewels

The elements of bathroom, I must admit that what I like most are sinks as they allow more development in the design and from time to time we have true works of art. Why, when I have encountered the toilets of the collection Water Jewels Gunni & Trentino, the first thing I thought was that I was at a true work of art, because that seemed to sculptures.

The collection, which consists of baths, washbasins, toilets, bidets and taps, is a compendium of inbred lines, which have an air classic but that leaves room for emotion, as the toilet you heading this post. The black and white are combined, together or separately, to form an atmosphere serene, thanks to the impeccable Italian, Matteo Thun work.

Water Jewells baño

But we will not only see black and white in Water Jewels since there is also a hole for the gold, silver and bronze, that will delight the most daring, always respecting the scheme of inbred lines marked by the guidelines of the collection. I see these health ideals for those who want to upgrade the bathroom without risking much, as they see that they are modern but they are not so bright as to move rapidly from fashion.

What I liked most of all Water Jewels collection is the sink to start the post, but I am sure that you will find a piece that you fits your bathroom. Now, I will charge a bath and a washbasin for when to change the health.

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