Walls of cement… transparent!

Paredes de cemento… ¡Transparentes!
Since then, developments in materials are every day amazing. We have had the opportunity to meet so curious things like steel Lace Curtains, floors painted with pen… And many other products that can turn the houses into authentic scenarios of science fiction movies.

The material that I am going to talk about today is not going more into constructive innovation. It’s a few blocks of cement that have the quality allow light to pass through and be relatively transparent.You can see it in the photos: with them, it is possible to see through the walls as if we had x-ray eyes… And the large amount of decorative possibilities that allow opens before the interior designers and architects with a view to future projects.

The name given this curiosisimo material is ‘transparent cement’, and its trade name is ® Litracon.To achieve this translucent appearance, has been mixed cement with fiber optic into tiny particles; This small size allows the fibres are mixed with cement, as if they were ordinary additives. The result is not simply a mixture of two materials, cement and glass: is a revolutionary new product, totally, with internal structure and homogeneous surface.

Paredes de cemento… ¡Transparentes!
Litracon ® is also a material completely made by hand, a look that makes it a very special product. Each piece is different from the others and offers a different and unique internal light type. Fiber optic produces a light that is transmitted through the entire block, favouring its transparency and enabling the creation of luminous walls or articles like lamps.This material, created by a Hungarian architect for eleven years, is destined to revolutionize the interior design of the 21st century. You can find it on the web page www.litracon.hu.

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