Vintage Corner Working Space

Vintage style continues falling to people around the world, and while the trends trying to vary the tastes, the vintage has come to stay as a classic. Therefore, if your home begins to slowly take that vintage air that you like so much, we are going to leave some ideas so you can get inspired to design your work corner.

You don’t need too. With a little wallpaper style that suits your home, to protect the front and give an added decorative space, curtains of romantic if you’re near an entrance of natural light, and if you can find furniture family or in a trail among some important piece of furniture in with certain age much better.

Don’t forget the Accessories, also they must be old, it is not necessary that they are in good condition but that Yes, it must be beautiful. You can use images from you or pages of a book for wall decoration. Milliners, boxes old suitcases, trunks, industrial or also accessories industrial storage or furniture classic trades, as a hardware store with thousands of bays crates.

The main color is the white or even beige, but in spaces of purified or minimalist inspiration black or very dark furniture can create a contrast dramatic great decorative effect. You can also use a carpet, freshly cut flowers. And ready! Your home Office vintage , is ready.

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