Very well dressed beds

Dressing a bed is not only a need for shelter, but that it is essential to achieve a complete look. Although we all know making a bed, getting bed contributes to the decoration and does not clash with the rest of the room is not as simple as it seems.

Our bed linen should give us the harmony of the room while it is still comfortable and functional.  To achieve this atmosphere, best thing is to combine textures and colors without falling in the monotony or an effect too balanced and boring. The colors of the bedding are those who will contribute to achieve the effect you want and also to enhance the lighting, the decor and style.

Today imposed the comfortable beds with a good amount of cushions that can be of various shapes and sizes;  they become prints, stripes, pictures, patchwork and strong colours, with flowers and shapes vintage. Not just go the aires romantic beds white or in shades of pales, calm, cool and subdued.

Do not be missing from a well dressed bed?

Firstly, a liner to protect the mattress (thermal and waterproof, if possible). Later, Savannah and sobresabana (or top and bottom sheet or bajera and countertop), then should be the duvet cover (if you use Nordic quilt) or blanket (or blanket) and the quilt or bedspread. The pillows and cushions will be in last place.

In addition, is a great idea and very decorative, put a nice blanket or bedspread on the feet of the same, which can help end the decoration of our bed.

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