Valentine Bath Mat

alfombra corazón

I know it isn’t very romantic gift a carpet of bath, but as it has a heart and tal… then occurred to me that it isn’t so bad. The case is all say that Valentine was invented El Corte Inglés and importantly who want you to all the year and stuff, but then that we like that they agree us that day and even with a carpet of bath, then something is something.

It is part of the catalogue of two company of 14 February gift ideas and ugly is not, in red, white or rosa… are cheerful colors, to decorate the bathroom always remain well, besides the carpet of bath is something that changes frequently, most have several and them we are alternating, because this heart, is one more to from time to time.

Said, that if you want to surprise someone next Monday, safe with a carpet of bath does not have, so it will be a big surprise and although say it you don’t want it you regaléis anything, that is to feel better if at the end not him ye regaláis, is one of those mechanisms of self-defense, but in the end nobody you bitter told him they want to, also on that day, with some detail accompanying words.

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