Upholstered seats: renew them

tapizado Asientos tapizados: renuévalos
Upholstered chair seats tend to lose their comfort over the years. Fabrics get older and go out of fashion, the foam and the straps are estropean… And carry furniture upholstery, you know, it involves a major outlay. If you are motivated to buy a good gun, stapler you cover yourself chairs and renew also those with wooden seat, turning them into soft models of highly topical.

To renew seat upholstery, you will need a stapler from Staples, average density foam fabric pistol (best electric and battery, as the image) and about 15 mm of thickness, Board of chipboard or DM 12 mm thick, jigsaw, sandpaper grain medium and contact glue.

-Firstly, if the Chair was already upholstered, removed the straps and padding and dispose of them. Draw in the DM the contours of the seat of the Chair with two or three millimeters less, that you’ll need to get the fabric. Serrar with Jigsaw and sanded the edges to refine them. Cut the foam rubber with a cutter dipped in hot water, following the shape of the table. Paste it on the seat with contact glue, and extrude rounded corners with the cutter to facilitate the upholstery.

-Cut fabric, so sobre enough by the sides to grapar Board. Place the Board with foam face down, with the side view of the wooden upwards. Begins to grapar fabric folding inward, from the center of each side towards the corners.Leave these to the end; You’ll have to cut them carefully and go to clinching them to give them rounded shape. Grab a leg of goat upholsterer (on sale in shops of upholstery material) to remove the nails that are not well placed with ease.

-And you can put the seat in place. Immobilize with some squads in L and screws.If the Chair has wooden seat, simply placed the new seat on top and screw it or nailing it below that does not move.

Photo: Courtesy of Robert Bosch.

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