Types of light bulbs

Tipos de bombillas
In the market you can find a wide variety of bulbs for the home and the Office. Due to this wide range of possibilities, is likely that sometimes may result you difficult to choose the most appropriate for you. Therefore, it is important to know the benefits offered by each one of them, knowing which ones are more efficient, sustainable and recommended for health.

From Decorablog want to make you much easier, so we’ll talk about the types of most common bulbs on the market. We hope that after reading this, you can get an important saving in the electricity bill, in addition to optimum lighting for your home.

First let’s talk about incandescent light bulbs, omnipresent in all Spanish homes makes up well little. They are cheap but are not at all efficient due to light warm emitting.

Although they consume 80% less than conventional and last ten times longer, fluorescent bulbs are more expensive. In addition, hide other drawbacks such as flicker, a cold esthetic, the generation of fields magnetic and, finally, the problem of how recycle mercury containing each bulb.

Tipos de bombillas

Halogen lamps have a high energy consumption and the vast majority need transformers that typically generates a strong electromagnetic field.

As LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), they seem to be the future in home lighting. They last long, provide a very bright light with very low energy consumption and do not emit heat.

Low consumption bulbs last about 5,000 hours and cost less than half than a conventional bulb, though the light is not as natural as the sun light.

Finally, we want to talk about full spectrum light bulbs. They have all the colors of the Rainbow and, according to some studies, have many benefits thanks to its balanced and uniform light that relaxes the view, activates the mind and increases productivity.

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