Types of cradles

Tipos de cunas
No doubt the cradle is one of the most important purchases before the arrival of the baby. In this space, the child will be some time, so it must be comfortable. Of course, comfort is not incompatible with the aesthetics, by which you will have to choose a wedge of a style you like and that go in line with the rest of the baby’s room decoration.

If you’ve already started the search for the perfect cradle for little, you may have noticed that in the market there is a great variety (classical, modern, wood, white, colors…), although all of them should have two basic characteristics: practicality and utility for both the child and the same parents. If it is costing you to decide, then we are going to talk to you about the different types of cribs that you can find in the market.

At the beginning it is normal for the baby to sleep in a bassinet, a variant of the cradle that is characterized by being small and almost round in shape. One of the great advantages of the bassinet is that it can be easily adapted to all areas, although it will only serve during the first weeks of life.

In the market can also find mini-cunas, a reduced version of the standard cradle, that is perfectly suited to small spaces.

The favorite beds for toddlers are conventional wedges, which have bars and padded protections so that the child will not suffer any accident. Those having access side are more comfortable for parents.

Conventional wedges include the convertible into beds and those that are large that incorporate crib, chest of drawers or shelving, changer and furniture sometimes bed nest or drawers of storage under. Although they are more expensive, ultimately can get to account, that are adapted to the needs of the child as it grows.

You can also find cribs co-sleeper, which allow to have the baby next to the bed without that there is no danger. It is an ideal choice for Nursing Moms.

Finally let’s talk about Portable Cribs which, as its name suggests, are used to be able to carry the baby. It can be folded to be stored easily in the trunk of the car, for example.

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