Twisted swing Sppanish Bitta

kettalbitta1 Columpio trenzado Kettal Bitta
A swing in the garden is always a playful, dreamy and attractive proposal. Romantic and relaxing, the swings can be individual, where we find our corner in which away from the world around us for a few moments; either of two squares to share conversation and intimidad… The series Sppanish Bitta, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, consists of two swings that offer us both possibilities: one or two places, and is at the same time classical and modern in its design and its conception.

The swings, proven comfort, they are also very resistant and endure the stay outdoors. A smart combination of materials get to remain unchanged with the passage of time.

The seats are created from an aluminium structure on which a polyester string has twisted. This set is complemented with details and reinforcements of teak. In addition, in the collection Sppanish Bitta can also find Garden tables to combine our swing, whose stone envelope provides a solid and natural touch to the decor.

kettalbitta2 Columpio trenzado Kettal Bitta
Rodolfo Dordoni, the creator of Bitta Sppanish, is an Italian designer born in Milan, whose prestige has managed to work with firms such as Flos, Cappellini or Artemide. It also has a Studio of architecture and interior design, in collaboration with other two Italian architects. With regard to this design commented: “my intention was to create a dense twisted, but to breathe.” Remember to los cabos braid used to moor boats at the berth (hence the name Bitta, meaning ‘Quay’ or ‘Moor’ in Italian). “It has parts a feeling of lightness, but that at the same time they saw as cozy nests in natural tones, in which relax.” Bitta Sppanish series can be seen in the website of Sppanish.

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