Transform a corner of games into a study area

Transformar un rincón de juegos en una zona de estudio
The bedroom of the children’s home should be relaxing and stimulating, i.e., must help them to relax but also to study. That Yes, the most important thing is that the room of the children grow with them.

One of the areas of the bedroom that must change with the personal development of children is the play area, which will end up becoming a study area. The moment of change usually arrive after 5 years, when the child begins a different evolutionary stage, since the school addresses the beginnings of reading, writing, and other learning experiences that require more concentration. Of course, these changes should be reflected in your room.

After 5 years, the study area should take more importance, helping the child to focus attention on a more continuous basis. For this reason, study table take more relevance and toys are left in the background.

Transformar un rincón de juegos en una zona de estudio
It is recommended that the child gets used to always work in the same place, which must be somewhere comfortable and pleasant. It is a good idea that you teams him with a Blackboard and a mural of Cork for pasting the drawings and the Organization of tasks, in addition to placing a table and a comfortable chair. The most important thing is that the small has three spaces differentiated in the same room: to play, to study and sleep.

In terms of artificial light, it should be placed so the study material is well lit and do not damage the sight. It is better having a soft general lighting and a punctual, as a flexo.

The Organization and order of the room are essential. It is necessary that toys and games are stored and out of sight of the little ones when it comes to homework. A trunk or a big box can be used to hide them. It is important to eliminate distractions to favor the concentration.

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