Tips how to decorate a small children’s rooms

Consejos para sacarle partido a las habitaciones infantiles pequeñas
Most of us have to deal with the same problem: a lack of space in the different rooms of the home. Unfortunately, the proliferation of mini-pisos in most of the cities is a reality and we can do little to avoid it. For this reason, we have to let your imagination and find solutions to take advantage of the different rooms of the home.

Today, for example, want to give you a few tips so you can decorate in the best possible way the bedrooms kids that have as main characteristic its small size. In addition, should keep in mind that this type of stay appears to go shrugging as the children grow. Do not you haven’t noticed? Well, we do not entertain more: there are our Tips!

As you have mentioned, the children’s bedrooms appear to shrink as time passes. Therefore it is best rationalize the space from the outset, studying the distribution of areas well.

Consejos para sacarle partido a las habitaciones infantiles pequeñas
On the other hand, the furniture we recommend Compact, which consist of triple nest beds or bunk beds type train which, in addition to bed, have a storage area which is a great solution for storing toys, clothes or accessories for the College. In addition, high beds are ideal to save space, since they are equipped with drawers and nest when they are invited to sleep.

Of course, the best thing for this type of rooms are furniture made to measure, especially if these are multifunctional: separadores-estanteria, cabeceros-baul, literas-armario…

On the other hand, although you can renounce the bookstores by replacing them with shelves or shelves on the wall, you can not dispense cabinet which, preferably, should take a whole wall, especially if it is recessed. Either you can forget that children increasingly ask for more consoles, so it would be nice if you puts a module to place this type of pieces.

Finally, you must take into account the study area, that you must be, preferably under the window.

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