Tips for decorating small spaces

Consejos para decorar espacios pequeños
It is well known that today houses are increasingly more small, what a great challenge that we have that we face we want to or not. Another is not us! There are various tricks that we can carry out to solve this problem, but what is clear is that the most important thing when it comes to decorating small spaces is to have large doses of imagination and creativity.

Most of the current housing project offer only two or three rooms in flats from 50 up to 90 square meters which, although often can make us feel locked up, we have to put up with having no other alternatives. So the important thing is to find solutions that make us feel more comfortable and at ease in our home. In Decorablog we will give you a few tips so you get it. Are you ready?

The first thing you have to keep in mind when decorating small space is the maxim of less is more, avoiding too big furniture or unnecessary, very high cabinets covering the walls, large chandeliers and decorative objects that do not meet another function that the of clogging.

You know that colors many things can be achieved. One of them is to increase the visual space in small spaces. So that it uses the white or very light colored, they will give you more light to the space and, therefore, this is see larger. It is also advisable that you choose furniture and light colored accessories. In terms of lighting, it is advisable to have lamps in all spaces.

Regarding furniture, is a good idea that you decant for multifunctionalfurniture: sofa beds, modular furniture, tables with storage… It is also good idea to have high beds, which allow to use all the free space underneath to devote to other things. Of course, dispenses with all the elements that are not necessary, and choose base units for not obstructing the entry of light.

With these tips you will get increase the visual space of the small spaces, but it is also a good idea to create different environments , avoiding the use of doors and partitions, opt for sliding doors, use hidden or spaces not used for storing, place mirrors to reflect light and give a look more open and opt for glass furniture

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