Tips for decorating rooms with high ceilings

Consejos para decorar estancias con techos altos
Without a doubt, a House with high ceilings can lead to really fascinating spaces. And it is the high ceilings offer a lot of possibilities to start decoration. However, to create a comfortable feeling and cosy can become an impossible mission, among other things, for the lack of Interior design right.

Although it is not usual in newly built dwellings, the ceilings are present in old apartments and lofts. If you live in a room with this feature that allows you to leave to the imagination when it comes to decorating, take a look at the advice that we give you below.

First let’s talk about the best colors for the walls of this type of housing. The best thing in these cases is to use the same colors to paint the ceiling and walls and use only the white if you want to increase the brightness. It is also a good idea that you take advantage of the space to use large and brightly patterned wallpapers. And if you like the art, don’t forget to take advantage of the walls to put carpets or pictures in the style of the room, as well as take advantage of to make a large library, from the floor to the ceiling.

Consejos para decorar estancias con techos altos
In terms of soil, it is better to install a large rug or carpet to reduce the cavernous feeling.

Without a doubt, one of the keys to succeed in the decoration of rooms with high ceilings is the lighting. If the room is large and classic style, we recommend that you seek a large and beautiful spider type lamp. High lights that take up more vertical space are also advisable. It is also good idea to add points of light on the wall.

As for furniture, the best is to opt for parts with backs tall, robust and proportionate. On the other hand, in spaces with high ceilings the best is to group furniture in different areas so that they are able to give warmth to the place.

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