Tips for caring for beach houses

Consejos para cuidar casas de playa
Yes, I know that we are in winter , making a cold stripping, but before realizing we will be enjoying the Sun, high temperatures and the beach. The lucky ones will get your holiday or weekend to enjoy your BeachHouse. Others will have the luck of living year-round near the sea. As well, all of them today we bring some super useful tips.

As you imaginarás, not a property located in the city or the mountain than a House on the beach, which is exposed to the action of the wind, the Sun and the salt of the environment requires the same care . In the long run it may have serious damage, so it is important to prevent. So let us give you a few Tips to care for your Beach House.

The most common damage in the beach houses are given abroad due to the continuous exposure of the Sun that makes painting to degrade and lose its original hue. Salt can also penetrate into the metal bases causing corrosion and weakening. In addition, if the House is made of wood, wind, sand and moisture can weaken the structure. For this reason, a Beach House requires care extra.

As you imaginarás, moisture is one of the main problems of the beach houses. You will have to avoid it to ventilate housing, weight if you have to leave it closed for a long time, it is best that you place small containers filled with white vinegar or baking soda in every room. When you’re back, you will only have to open the Windows, and if you want, put incense or scented candles. In addition, you must be very aware of the possible leaks.

It is best that the beach houses have floors and walls of ceramic, very easy to clean material and that you can avoid damage by the action of the sand and salt. If you opt for wood, it must be as rustic as possible. Finally, it is recommended that have an external shower to prevent excessive amounts of sand inside, although this measure will not prevent you having to sweep daily and rinse the furniture outdoors often.

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