This is confirmed, your next TV could be struck an Apple!

If I told you that it is the largest event in electronics since the launch of smartphones, in your opinion, what is it? If I add that the product in question will be to an Apple, it speak you a little more? Go, I will not make you languish more: the news of the day is the arrival at the end of the year of the first Apple TV.


Téléviseur Apple


1 Design: imagine that the Apple TV will look like a sheet of glass without bords… It is dream does is-ce-pas?

Knowing the quality of finish of the California brand products, can reasonably expect an impressive product.

2. You can fly this TV with your remote control favorite Apple (iPhone, iPad)

3. The argument that kills the geek in you too: you can also order the Apple TV by the voice (think of Siri, the voice recognition system / artificial intelligence aboard the iPhone4S)

According to Peter Misek, one of the best specialists of the mark, industrial production will be launched in May/June to end of 2012 marketing

Well, now that you salivez on the future TV Apple screen, you ask how much will cost you this beautiful toy, eh?

So, without further ADO, the price expected: approximately 1,600 dollars. Help, going to have to eat rice friends!

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