The style of shabby chic

The style shabby chic, has a name so evocative as its origins: should refer to the major British field houses where sofas and cretonne curtains (with stamped floral mainly) were worn and discolored by use generation after generation and the furniture ended up almost hidden under coats of paint and hands.

The objective of this decorative style was originally contrasted style pop Victorian, squeaky and a little kistch. For the style shabby chic, are key the restoration and reuse of antique, furniture and used fabrics as well, and what in the ‘ 80s of the 20th century was a fashion of a little Bohemian artists, at the beginning of this XXI is considered a quintessential feminine style and very appropriate for urban personalities with aspirations of enjoy the charm of the rustic without rusticity. As we see, a mass of contradictions, of eaesthetic results finishes.

Environments shabby chic are very clear and bright, the colors star are white and pastel shades, are used at the same time worn antiques, furniture with rustic touch without sacrificing to the it functional and more current appliances. The lamps adorned with crystals, whether hanging or standing very well fit this style, as well as the you alfombres flowery, romantic aires oval mirrors , or the lace and ruffles in some textiles.

The great advantage of this style is its functionality, since one of the objectives is to not renounce the benefits of urban life, despite finding the bucolic air and peacefulness of the countryside.  Electronic gadgets, plasma TVs or the latest model refrigerator will not have to be hidden: will be the sale of your home in style shabby chic.

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