The Rooms of the NH Hotels

Habitación verde de los hoteles NH

I don’t know you but in my case the use I hotels is rather soon when I’m away from home, I just repeat them sleeping. I really enjoy spending those hours in beautiful, clean, welcoming environments and once I remember you if I see any environment that I particularly like. This me has happened with the so-called “green rooms” of hotels NH, are the new standard of the hotel chain and are beginning to establish itself.

These rooms are a modern design which won the European Hotel Design Award last year and it is quite cozy for terrain view hotels. I like because in this model of rooms (you can see the old below) these seem larger and give sensation of comfort without many plug-ins.

Habitación de los hoteles NH antes de la reforma.

Images, which belong to the hotel NH Principe de Vergara, show us how room has changed from a more classic style one more modern. It has dispensed more difficult to clean materials and has given way to a more functional style that efficiency is that raw material.

Applied to home decoration, change has been to eliminate lamps without removing light and change the headboard was wood by one panelling vinyl with greater resistance and can be replaced when it begins to spoil, thing that would happen, but with more spending with the wood. In fact this is the biggest change I find myself in the decoration: the replacement of wood by other more durable materials that can help hotel staff leaving everything clean in less time.

Habitación verde de los hoteles NH después de la reforma.

On these lines you have the opposite vision of green rooms. In it you can see how effectively the wooden furniture have given way to other lacquered white. Go ahead I don’t much like white furniture, but I have to admit that they have in this case succeeded in giving the environment a very urban touch that I like, and in fact I like for my living room green seat you in the corner under the reading light.

The big change in this room is use LEDS for illumination lights, thing that homes still does not use much. This type of light bulb gives a homogenous light and although I am not convinced as a main light, fulfils its functions perfectly when used as indirect light, decorative light or when we need special lighting as in the bathroom you have under these lines.

El baño de la habitación verde de los hoteles NH

As you can see, around the mirror some LED lights have been placed onto the person who is watching him light you need. In addition, black and porous tiles absorb lighting and fail reflexes in the face of which looks is an ideal place for makeup you (this is more Arrebatadora trick our). Perhaps I would have chosen another color for the shelf is where encastrado basin but together we have a modern atmosphere sure to appeal to lovers of minimalism.

If you want to see these rooms live, know that they are not yet implemented all NH Hotels but yes they are the standard in the new and those that are reshaping. I have convinced me to go to steal their decorative tricks one day.

More information | NH Principe de Vergara

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