The decorative Riddle on Friday: primary colors

adivinanza viernes

We started March stomping, today we have the first Riddle of the month and I think it will be a little difficult, it coincided. As you can see it is stackable color varied, yellow, red and blue pieces, which are the primary colors, although there are also grey and it is possible that more tones.

How track will say that everywhere there is something to play its role, but I cannot say which is because but it would be too obvious, but I will also say that the size of the pieces is relatively large, so you will not despistéis in very small objects.

Well, I think it should be enough to start, good luck to all and hope that you divirtáis, remember that or data nothing links older than what is the object, so that other readers can continue playingin a few hours, as always, we have the solution.

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