Tawama Hanger of porte-manteau by Sylvain Willenz

Such a structure in an Indian tipi, this blocking porte-manteau designed by Sylvain Willenz wood gives a very attractive to this essential object playful side. To do not jealous at home, Sylvain was the right one, I say an idea to reject this wood of porte-manteau in 2 sizes. Thus the children and parents to join their respective clothing. The porte-manteau ideal to play the family Indians and Cowboys.

Porte-manteau en bois design Lock par Sylvain Willenz

Porte-manteau Lock - Tawama

More information on the blocking of hangers
Designer: Sylvain willenz
Brand: Tawama
Materials: Ash, bakelite.
Colors: Pink, blue, violet, yellow, Orange, red and black
Dimensions: Size H160 cm adult and child size of 120 cm h
Price: €298 and 278 € in Tawama

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