Taps that glow in the dark

Grifos que brillan en la oscuridad
Technology moves at an unstoppable speed, also in case of House fittings. One of the novelties that have more recently surprised me are the Moonlite, of the firm Tekataps, that glow in the dark. It’s a few faucets single handle of modern design, and anyone would say that they do not have much special. However, as soon as the light goes out, these taps shine enough.

To achieve this special property, has been applied to finish a photoluminescent pigment. In this way, tap accumulated light energy throughout the day and radiate it at night.

Grifos que brillan en la oscuridad
So the Moonlite tap “charge”, put it in some way, light is not necessary that you of directly the Sun. You can also accumulate energy from a lamp. Later, when the light is off, tap acquires a greenish glow, lighting up during a period of time which can be up to 12 hours.

Grifos que brillan en la oscuridad
It is a good idea for those who wake up during the night to go the bathroom. With faucet Moonlite is no longer necessary to light, because it provides a point of reference illuminated, so it’s easy to locate it in the dark. They are specially designed for people with low visibility, for children or elderly people, although, with its modern design, are good in any bathroom.

The Moonlite, Teka collection, available in various colors: lime green, indigo blue and deep red. They are striking by day and by night. To preserve their ability to glow, so just be careful to clean the tap with neutral SOAP and water, since the chemicals could reduce its qualities.

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