Tabouret M comme…

Bah not missed, even if this stool takes the form of the letter words And therefore the initial of my name, made to measure for me. NFIS snif… Rest assured I will quickly me comfort because this stool M, designed by Jean-Paul Marzais (ah it comes therefore perhaps there the words), very pleasant rest, as much for the eyes as for the popotin with its curved base.


Tabouret M dessiné par Jean-Paul Marzais


Good go, I go back to sulk, because I am still a little upset (rest assured, it me passera…) (Sooner or later). In the meantime, I let you appreciate the design of this stool M.


Tabouret M blanc, Marzais créations


Tabouret M noir de Marzais création


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Designer: Jean-Paul Marzais
Brand: Marzais creations
Price: 130 euros in the Pelican.

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