Switches and sockets on the wall

Interruptores y enchufes sobre la pared
Electrical installations typically have the problem that, so they are not, they go embedded in the walls. This done arrange them and renew them fundamentally considerably, since in addition to the electrician must also call the bricklayer…And it ourselves we can get into a real mess, with plaster, the rubble and material empantanando the House.

All of this left behind thanks to the views, facilities that carry cables and elements on the wall without any rozas. And if you don’t like the typical channels of white plastic (which, truth, decorative have very little), today I bring you a new system based on steel tubes , which is the most in industrial decoration.

If you go to many modern shops, you will see that the chic industrial is currently a leading trend. Pipes, iron, steel shelves… They are part of the most stylish environments. This trend is precisely that has inspired the signature Fontini to design this electrical system of surface, which in addition to the elegant steel tubes (with elbows and eses to adapt to any corner) has junction boxes, plugs and switches of , metal and glass.

Interruptores y enchufes sobre la pared
Thus, spent hiding the system to teach it and even give it prominence. One of the biggest advantages of these systems is to ourselves, we can install them already that simply pass the wires through the tubes and make the connections in boxes of distribution or joint, plugs and switches. Tubes, as you can see, are fixed to the wall using simple screw clamps. Signature Fontini has chosen to unify steel tubes available in the market with a set of metal boxes with glass frame opaque, common to all elements.

If you like this system, please do not hesitate to enter Fontini website to know more about it.

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