Steve Cambronne Clocks

relojretro1 Relojes escultura de Steve Cambronne
The first time I saw Steve Cambronne clocks had the feeling that knew of some time ago. That peculiar style full of color, with forms capriciously selected and combined with utmost care, reminded me no doubt to logos and designs of the 1970s. And even more: going further back in time, discovered reminiscent of great artists of avant-garde as Alexander Calder and its famous mobile, or the sculptor Brancusi, go no further.

And it is that these watches are undoubtedly authentic sculptures, some rather retro inspiration, and others, as the artist himself says on its website, “googie” style.

Steve Cambronne clocks are ideal for decorating a room or another stay with a different and artistic touch. Full of color and with strangely timeless designs, they never go out of fashion and also adapt to environments of type vintage, industrial, retro or contemporary.I see them in a great wall white, along with a sofa in neutral tone (gray, for example) and a shelf style industry, straight and manufactured in chrome steel. Its combination of shapes and colors makes absolute center of attention in any setting, and therefore must be given the prominence they deserve.

Steve Cambronne is a sculptor and craftsman of the metal which lies in United States, and with their clocks has revolutionized the world of decoration. The models are authentic sculptures which, moreover, decorate and deliver the hour; and for a price that fluctuates between the 275 and 375 dollars we can take home one of the many designs that appear on the website of the American creator. In his own words, these watches are inspired by the creations of craftsmen in the mid-20th century, and hence his retro style is tanfamiliar. Are you thinking about getting you one? Then it will find many models on the website of Steve Cambronne.

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