Spectacular minimalist house with pool

Espectacular casa minimalista con piscina
The discretion that this fantastic villa, located in the town of Alcobaça (Portugal), makes gala is probably your greatest luxury and virtue. Seen from certain angles, the housing seems to literally disappear and be absorbed by the Green extension that surrounds it. Just a set of white surfaces, as well as the shimmering blue swimming pool, blade denote the existence of a comprehensive, modern and full House of contemporaneity.

It’s a project carried out by the Portuguese study Topos Atelier of architecture, in which participated the architects Jean Porcher, Margarida Oliveira and Albino Freitas. The House has a total area of 270 square meters and be completed in the year 2011.

Espectacular casa minimalista con piscina
The client revealed is fascinated by the beauty of the natural, enclave which led to the logical realization of a project where architecture bother the natural landscape that surrounds the housing to a minimum. The chosen project, on one floor, is oriented in a single direction: streamlining and simplifying the construction to enroll in the width of the farm. Instead of providing the setting for the House as an “object”, the terrain was modeled to adapt it to the architecture and integrate housing as if it were a piece of Land-art.

Espectacular casa minimalista con piscina
The procedure revealed very effective when it comes to preserver the views, to improve the sustainability of the building and, ultimately, to allow nature to recover the place where it belongs and reinforce the feeling that we are able to live in the midst of a landscape, without destroying it or alter it in any way.

© Xavier Antunes.

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