Ruby super rocking chair by Pouyan Mokhtarani

silladef Mecedora Ruby, inspirada en el cuerpo
Disturbing, avant-garde, strange, cómoda… It Ruby rocking chair is not a piece of furniture to use, and I think that we are all agreed. Appears from the very same ship Nostromo, where Alien made life impossible for Lieutenant Ripley, but actually has gone out of the creative brain of the Iranian Designer Pouyan Mokhtarani, which in 2008 decided to carry out a rocking chair that require an authentic ergonomic rest to while caused an intense with its design visual impact.

Thus was born rocking chair Ruby, which was an immediate success and appeared reflected and commented in the pages of the most prestigious decoration magazines. Four years later, its design has not lost one iota of interest.

In addition to being visually attractive and groundbreaking, the Ruby rocking chair (or Ruby Rocking Chair, his full name) is equipped with two liquid-filled cushions seat, intended to distribute pressure over the area from the body, but also to reduce the temperature in pressure points to avoid the user sweat. Apart from this research in pursuit of comfort and ergonomics, the surprising design of Ruby draws us attention to its curious organic quality: it seems the skeleton of some animal of the future.

silladef2 Mecedora Ruby, inspirada en el cuerpo
According to own designer, Ruby is not a rocking chair stream (that already had given us account…), but that is the first in its kind which “looks like part of your body”. Mokhtarani also says that it is designed to provide the highest level of comfort and freedom, when it comes to rest. “Try it, and you will feel like the master of the world,” he says. Without going so far, there is no doubt that the Ruby Rocking Chair is a revolutionary design and futuristic, effectively combining comfort and aesthetic appeal. Perhaps is a bit too daring for the conventional taste, but (and surely Mokhtarani would agree) is already known: the future belongs to the brave.

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