RS Barcelona wooden kicker

futbolin Futbolín de madera de RS Barcelona
Decoration why does (or should) be at odds with the fun. When you get to combine both concepts we have designs to operate at 100 percent. This is the case of great furniture and accessories of RS Barcelona, that they be presented shortly in the Milan furniture and every day surprise us with better proposals. If at Christmas the Catalan firm threw his kicker RS # 3, now updated the model while maintaining the design metal body but adapting some attractive and solid wood legs.

Defined as “a football for all” by their economic price, its lightness, its resistance and its size, RS # 3 Wood and RS # 3 will delight fans of this entertaining Spanish invention.

RS # 3 was the first kicker become object of furniture design. RS Barcelona suggested creating a set of metal that could be acquired in different lacquers, colours so it integrate in any decor. The furniture also incorporated developments aimed at achieving a greater comfort, as the Levellers rubber legs (perfect for avoiding the time-tested and annoying “limp”) and four coasters so that players can enjoy his drink, his beer and his Cup, without abandoning the team.

futbolin2 Futbolín de madera de RS Barcelona
Thus, with RS # 3 Wood the signing of furniture gives a new twist to its successful update of the kicker, and brings a new look to those who love natural materials and the warmth of the wood. These football can leave without problems abroad, since legs are teak, perfect to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. With the arrival of good weather, nothing better than a good game (or games) with friends in the garden to enjoy in person of the glory of the great teams… You will find all models of RS # 3 and RS # 3 football Wood on the RS Barcelonawebsite.

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