Round Corks Seat

Asiento hecho con corchos

One of the best ways to help the environment is more than recycling (that involves a long and expensive process) reuse, therefore giving it a new use for what we were going to throw away, we get the dual purpose of saving money and at the same time caring for the environment reducing waste.

After the initial roll, I present this seat made from corks, of those bottles of wine, all gathered on a grid that gives form to display the corks from outside, and can be used as FAQ, a table or even as a stool if we append the appropriate structure.

According to the designers who sell the exorbitant price of more than 700 euros, inside there are more than 2500 corks from wine and Champagne (some will have Champagne). I might take a while accumulate as many corks, but I would prefer one that inside was the history of wine I drank to sit envelope which have drunk others.

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