Renovate the bathroom furniture

Renovar el mobiliario del baño
Are you bored of your bathroom? Be uncomfortable and impractical? If you have responded to these questions of affirmative form, perhaps time for a small reform. The market offers you thousand solutions custom so you manage to have the bath that you need.

The bathroom is one of the most popular House, and furnish it properly is one of the biggest hits that can be. A bathroom uncomfortable or little functional makes us lose time and disrupts us. We need practical furniture and comfortable to wear, with storage spaces where everything is tidy and easy to find.

Renovar el mobiliario del baño
If by now you’re thinking that your bathroom needs reform, possibly you are right. Today I want to tell you of a very special furniture. It’s the French firm Payla, who has been developing for decades collections of bathroom really special.

In addition study each space in a personalized way to show their qualities and make the maximum performance square meters, it is necessary to choose designs to us brighten the view. Perhaps much ask to a bathroom, but we need to feel optimistic and happy and that is much easier to achieve if we are surrounded by things that we like.

Renovar el mobiliario del baño
Payla furniture are created by renowned designers who work for the firm, founded in 1907 by Eugene Fournier. Of course, that then it was nothing more than a small workshop in the mountains. In fact, the BMF name comes from “Mobilier des Alpes”. The descendants of the founder, effort and know-how, have managed to turn the company into a reference of the furniture industry. Especially since 1949, they began to design and manufacture kitchen furniture also.

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