Recycled Eco kitchen

key1 Cocina Eco de material reciclado
It seems incredible, but at this point virtually everything you can do with recovered materials and returned to use. This is certainly great news and good example of this is the incredible Kitchen Eco, which was presented last year at the Milan Furniture Salon. Designed by Alessio Bassan for Key Cucine, one could say that this kitchen is hecha… of paper!

Incredible it may sound, the material that has been both modules and the doors is made based on recycled paper, and receives the name of PaperStone ®. In addition to his undoubted ecological interest, the kitchen also shows a magnificent design that attests that environmentally sustainable is not at odds with the beauty and modernity.

PaperStone ® is a material made from cellulose fibers obtained from Office paper recycled after its consumption. To amalgamate these fibers and give them sufficient consistency as to create resistant panels, is mixed with natural resins from oil, not composed of water and oils derived from the shells of the cashews. Since then, the material cannot be more natural, less toxic and more sustainable.

key2 Cocina Eco de material reciclado
The design of the countertop, with pictures of different neutral shades, combined with sober rectilinear structure in matte black color makes this kitchen an excellent choice for minimalist and industrial environments. Also has been paid much attention to the details and equipment, and stands out above all the battery entirely made with the same materials and its tap, curiously located at a level sunk on the countertop. The handles of the cabinets also have been designed thinking in the continuity of surfaces, so that not they way neither visual nor functionally to the design of the set. The Eco kitchen is located in the Key Cucinewebsite.

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