Recharged decoration, all keys

Decoración recargada, todas las claves
The adjective “recharged” is filled with negative connotations. Synonym of directly tacky or excessive, many trends in decoration have endeavoured in fleeing this concept to fall directly into an equally questionable end. Namely, that impersonal minimalism that recurs in so many modern houses, to such an extent that it is impossible to distinguish one from another…

However, and as you can see in these images, it is possible to decorate the rooms charged form and Baroque (even providing fun details kitsch) and achieve superb results. The environments of the photos belong to an avant-garde building of so-called luxury flats mosaic, located in Athens.

Notice that one of the keys to these rooms is the constant use of the same wallpaper, with motifs of birds flying, that creates a very interesting continuity effect throughout the House. I really like the detail of the framework without box, which enhances this same coating creating a box where actually there is but an empty frame… The walls show an interesting exercise in horror vacui and envelope the already itself striking paper hanging plates porcelain, butterflies directly kitsch and troubling photographs in black and white.

Decoración recargada, todas las claves
Boxes and more boxes: hung from the wall or directly supported on the furniture. And also picture frames, large and small, and all kinds of Junk (that Yes, always quality; nothing of buying them in a store around 1 euro!). Sculptures and plants provide a very stylish friendly touch, as well as furniture retro style, of great quality. Choosing a theme is a good idea to get a similar environment: in this case has been the animal life, which we see reflected in the wallpaper, lamps and displays paintings such as the old photo of elephants.

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