Perfuming rooms with candles made in house

Perfumar los ambientes con velas hechas en casa
To create a pleasant atmosphere at home you can use an air freshener that is to your liking… Or you can also do a few scented candles to decorate and liven up the spaces at the same time.

Today we tell you how to make candles that give off pleasant aromas. The procedure is very simple, and once you’ve learned, you can make hundreds of candles with thousand different aromas. The ingredients we need to manufacture candles are not many. Namely, paraffin wax, dye, hard wax-based oil, essential oils for perfume, candles, wicks, molds to shape them, a container to melt and a stick of wood to stir mixture. Get to work!

Perfumar los ambientes con velas hechas en casa
The first thing you need to do is to melt the wax in a container to the fire. It must, for example, 900 Gr. paraffin and 100 gr. of hard wax (90% paraffin and 10% of hard wax). Removed with the wooden stick, and when the wax is melted, add a few drops of dye until the desired color is achieved. Then put a few drops of favorite essential oil and will mix all well.

Below is a piece of Wick in each of moulds (plastic or stainless steel) that are going to be used to make candles. Pour the wax into the mold, let it cool until the wax hardens, and then the sails of the molds are removed.

Here are some tricks that you will help: the wax cools quickly, can put the mold in water. If you want your candles a finish more rustic, let mixture cool a little before you pour it into the molds. And not put the wick very long, if you do not want your candle is consumed too soon.

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