Patchwork collection, PortobelloStreet

Colección de Patchwork de PortobelloStreet
Do you know PortobelloStreet? Isn’t it? Well, you have to do it! Possibly, the online store of furniture and decoration better stocked throughout Europe, with a range of more than 10,000 items in all styles for all budgets.

In style you’ve talked about this signature on more than one occasion. Without going any further, the other day you present your collection Back in Time, pieces ideal for eclectic style carrying so much at the moment. As well, today we will show you other super PortobelloStreet interesting proposals. It is the collection of Patchwork, consisting of furniture and decorative accessories made with the ancient technique of sewing patchwork. You like to meet her?

As you know, the patchwork is the technique of joining two pieces of fabric with designs quilting later. Although it was already used in Europe and in some cultures more ancient, was in the United States where he gained more relevance. That Yes, the hand of English and Dutch immigrants.

It must be borne in mind that in the 17TH and 18th centuries the fabrics were scarce and one goods more valuable. This was due to the dependency to which England subjected them without allowing them to develop an own industry. Thus, the first quilts were made with scraps of clothes and stuffed with wool, cotton and other fabrics.

PortobelloStreet Patchwork collection is composed of armchairs, sofas, cushions, chests, benches, sifonieres and rugs that blend classic style with the patchwork turning all their pieces into furniture and accessories of great personality.

Without a doubt, it’s furniture and colourful accessories that will give you a note gladly to any room. Maybe you put some of these pieces in your home?

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