Paint the kitchen dashboard

Pintar el salpicadero de la cocina
It is undoubtedly the wall which suffer most from across the room. In the dashboard constantly accumulate the drops of water or fat, cooking smoke and stains from various ingredients… Why the majority of people opt for coating ceramic (tiles), easy to clean and water resistant.

But I’m not content with making “the same that everyone”. If I like the painted kitchen wall, why should lining tiles? So I started looking and I have discovered the solution to paint my dashboard…

In fact, you’ve guessed it. And it is not a solution, but two. The first is to use special paints which can be clean and scrub without that they do not alter. Majestic Resist, a product of Jotun paints which has been described as a product of the year 2013 by its resistance is the best (at least that I’ve tried). You can even scrubbed with steel wool and KH7! This painting “magic” also resists scratches and scratches, and the best: is available in thousands of colors to the letter, which does not fade as much as you scrub.

Pintar el salpicadero de la cocina
Another option is to put glass panels in front of the painted area. To do this you can use systems of metal profiles that are in stores like Ikea and DIY centres. They are very simple to assemble, and allow you to remove panels to replace them with others if they break down. I love is how the idea of this photo, left: paste a few butterflies from paper or plastic on the inside of the glass. Very decorative and indestructible, since they go inside… And great contrast with the turquoise finish.

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