Operetta, a Design for Refined Tastes Dog Bed

dog bed

Already some time not writing about things for the dog, and I was already looking forward to, thought find something for the next Riddle, I know that I have you, but in this case it is too obvious it’s a bed, so I’ll have to look for something more complicated. Anyway I wanted to share it with you because it is not a bed any but a very special kenneth cobonpue design.

The style is rather minimalist, on materials a mixture of aluminium and polyethylene, and we have it available in several colors, no doubt with this bed our mascot will be the envy of the neighborhood dogs. General beds for animal designers not tend to do both, the advantage for us is is better to decorative level on any stay where it sole sleep our mascot.

operetta lounge bed

The truth is that dogs and in general pets make us great company and show us an unconditional fidelity, deserve the best, so a bed like this will be a display of gratitude us towards them. Although thinking well, maybe the dogs given equal design and find it more comfortable a normal bed, sometimes doubt if when things are designed for animals, is really thinking about them or their owners.

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