Open doors: an eclectic apartment

Un salón ecléctico

Mix different styles in decoration is a risky bet that not always goes well. The combination of classical and modern elements, as well as colors that at first sight would not be the most obvious choice not always works but I encourage to you dig you a look at the apartment that I bring you today to take borrowed ideas that you can implement in your House.

Starting with the Hall, you have on these lines, to me this apartment I has hallucinated. I admit that the mixture you may like more or less but the execution is done in an impeccable way. The emphasis of the room takes the wall you have left is empapelada with an orange role that blends details specs and mates with a very original geometric drawing.

The sofa and the chimney, both black, work as a counterpoint to the color that fills the walls. The third contrast is the white elements of the room, such as the arc, the lamps of the ceiling lamp and the white table where I think that the team of image and sound supported. As you can see, all these furniture in modern style works well with other elements more classics like the candelabra on the fireplace or the door that leads to the terrace.

Terraza comedor casual.

In the run-up to the terrace, we have the area of the House used to casual dining, with a very simple but by no means least eye-catching scheme. Surrounding a round table have been placed several chairs Eames Fuchsia color which constitute a very original point with orange walls. Observe how that same color is used in the tables of the wall combined with white, which invades the ground (with Fuchsias details at the same time) and the table.

I like the combination of colors and how although a color, Orange, which might be claustrophobic for the walls, has been used space wins a lot thanks to the white of the mouldings and floor and of course with the Windows that has this space towards the terrace as well as towards the living room that we have seen before. Although it is not the main dining room, this area you can put in a good mood from early in the morning.

Un comedor ecléctico.

On these lines is the main dining room, on whose walls we have a wallpaper with frameworks. I really like how, despite the color in the other rooms, here has remained sober betting on the black and white. The chairs, table, lamp and the wall contribute to homogenize the stay, the Bordeaux color curtains are the ideal counterpoint to both elements.

Pasillo del piso ecléctico.

In the corridor we have a few probably original marble floors and decorated with black and white photos. Seems to me very nice detail of the fountain there in the Middle, although we do not recommend because it looks to be the typical element which you hooked you the manga if you very quickly.

Una cocina ecléctica.

We ended our journey in the kitchen, which I gather that it is on the ground next to the dining room that we have seen before. The furniture color aquamarine is a continuation of the soil. I like a lot the contrast with the white walls and the incorporation of the pastels, in the window decoration and the Cookbooks on the shelves.

An idea that would take the House would be the put the TV mounted between the two Windows and the tank, especially if you are that pass long time in the kitchen because liven you much to the environment. Take a look at the gallery because the House has some details of the most original, and tell us what what you liked most of all.

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