Neil hanging lamp

image006 Lámpara de suspensión Neil
The signing of lighting design delightful has just launched its new Neil, hanging lamp which you can see in these pictures. It’s a beautiful and elegant design of ceiling lamp, call to attract the attention of all eyes. One of the most interesting characteristics of the lamp is that you can hang up to the desired height, and its beautiful design brings us reminiscence of the golden years of the beginning of the space era, back in the 1960s.

Precisely the name of the lamp is a homage to Neil Armstrong, famous pioneer of space exploration: the rounded arches and the spherical diffusers of the piece are inspired by the technology of the era.

The eight branches of the lamp have lights adjustable, what Neil becomes a very versatile piece. It even offers the possibility to turn on only four of eight broadcasters leads. The luminaire is of large size, with a diameter of 120 cm, and the structure of which hang the diffusers (made in lacquered metal black) is made in chrome-plated or golden metal. Neil was presented at last year at London Design Week, and is one example of the designs of the delightful firna, showing a strong personality and a lot of emotions that are present in every detail.

image007 Lámpara de suspensión Neil
“Working with our hands, we transfer our passion and devotion in everything we do.” This is how the masterpieces are born. Share the soul and heritage with the world… “This is the delightful philosophy”. A declaration of intent by the company which is reflected perfectly in the Neil lamp. You can see all the pieces of their collections on the website of delightful.

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