Motorised blinds easily

Motorizar persianas de forma sencilla
If you have older people in your House or with a motor disability, or simply if you want to have a system that will make life a little easier, you can choose to motorize your blinds and so be able to handle them with a simple button or the remote control. These systems are perfect for heavy blinds, and best of all is that they are super easy to install.

Teams are purchased in kit in centers of DIY and decoration (the one shown in this article is Leroy Merlin and can be purchased from 109 euros), and adapt to any blind. Before you buy it, you’ll have to go to the store with the measures of the roller shutter to be motorized and the width of the tape (15 or 23 mm).

Motorizar persianas de forma sencilla
Once chosen the system, is the time to start. In this case it’s a computer with digital display of programming that can be installed either with simple tools. To start down the blind at all and we’ll remove the bezel, pulling the old winder. We will then remove the screw or the system that one tape to roll and connect the kit’s cable to the motor housing.

The tape must be cut it so it hangs about 20 cm below the bottom of the box. To insert it, we turn about 2 cm from the end and make a small longitudinal cut in the center of the fold. It is the time to Insert the tape from the front of the picker (pictured right) and secure with hook, by inserting this into previously practiced cutting.

Motorizar persianas de forma sencilla
Once the steps above, press the “upload” button to fully wind the tape. Already we can introduce the roller into the box and put the trim back. The work ends by connecting the system to a nearby outlet .

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