Modular offices Logic

Bureaux modulables Logic

Work is not always (very) quintessentially Especially when it has stuffy nose and throat which scratch, like me today! Wait, don’t go, this type of virus is not transmitted by intervening blog! Fortunately for me… and especially you short, move these medical considerations to deal with the presentation of modular offices Logic.

Imagined by the Italian designer Claudio Bellini, this desktop system associates a minimalist design with a best modularity. The small structure work in pairs, in the Office of the boss from l’Etoile (very popular in the open spaces and other call-centers) or the Office of 15 metres long row of onions (USSR revival?), all plans for offices are possible with the Logic concept.

Bureau étoile

Bureau modulable Logic

Frankly in these conditions, if you do not find the desktop model that suits you, there is more hope… So, I let you work while I am going this pas put me drops in the nose:S

Bureau modulaire Logic

Bureau Logic avec passage de câbles électriques intégrés

Finish the mess of wires that tangle! Logic offices have everything planned system of chutes integrated to hide such horrible electrical vermicelli!

Bureau linéaire Logic

Row of onions or duo, all configurations are possible with offices Logic system.

Bureau duo Logic

Bureau de direction Logic

Bureau 4 personnes Logic

Claudio Bellini has everything planned: there is even a special space for storing your iphone in this Office. Geeks will appreciate.

Tiroir bureau Logic avec espace iPhone

Bureau modulaire Logic dans un open space

Designer: Claudio Bellini
Publisher: LAS
Price: based on the configuration chosen. For sale France Office (under the brand name Leman) and Buro media

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