Modern furniture inspired by flowers

Muebles modernos inspirados en flores
There is nothing left for the spring! Find me it difficult to imagine a season of the year in which we both enjoy with decoration. And as the flowers are the undisputed protagonists, why not dedicate a post to furniture inspired by them? That Yes: Let’s move away a little of the typical tapestries, hand-painted floral motifs or the stencils (they are also beautiful, but we’ve seen them already on several occasions) to search for designs that reproduce the formas of flowers in its latest version.

Chairs filled with glamour, reliefs carved with stylised forms, dining room sets that are collected and opens like a real flower were… The imagination of designers seems to have no limit.

Muebles modernos inspirados en flores
In the first picture you can see a glamorous armchair in red color, with each of its parts imitating a sensual petal so the whole mimics its a beautiful orchid or any tropical flower. A design full of elegance, with a point is naive and surreal that I love. But even more I like the dining room appearing on these lines: his name is Flower Bloom (in Spanish would be something like “blossoming flower”), and its creator is the designer Fatih Can SARIA-Z. Green petals “flower” are actually the chairs that are kept picking up towards the Center, which is the table. It is enough with the respaldos-petalo pull or push them back toward the Center, to have a full dining room for six people at a minimum…

Muebles modernos inspirados en flores
In this second design, flowers form part of the decoration and not the way of the design. But instead of being painted or printed, are die: there are been cut using laser technology in a sheet metal giving way to some attractive chairs. The mixture between the simplicity of the structure and the Baroque die cut roses is more effective; In addition, these pieces also decorate other surfaces when placed under sources of light, projecting the silhouettes on walls, floors… The collection includes other elements such as lamps, tables, etc. and is of Vibieffe.

Do you like these designs? Since then I show you some more. For that not to mention that we have not received the spring as it deserves.

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