Modern floor lamp

Lámpara de pie vanguardista
Pujol lighting we just surprise with a great floor lamp that is avant-garde style. He is called Compass, designed by Jordi Busquets and it can become the complement that you were looking for to light the living room of your home with elegance.

His aesthetic is highly refined, since its production have used polished aluminium with base in the form of and, a solution that allows you to occupy the minimum space possible. It measures nothing more and nothing less than 260 centimeters in height and it can be adjusted so that its adaptation to any type of environment is most simple.

The luminaire incorporates four dimmable bulbs or four light bulbs. If you opt for adjustable bulbs, you should know that they are four X E27 60W bulbs. The regulator is located in the center of the screen so that its management is as comfortable as possible.

This screen is 50 centimeters in diameter and is made of black fabric with a methacrylate diffuser. In this way it allows passage of diffused lighting that is ideal for creating a special atmosphere, either to relax or to find that divine inspiration that do not always arrive.

What you will not see so clear even if you illuminate is its price, since she should spend 981,20 euros plus VAT.

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