Mobile office on wheels Out – of – Box Workstation

bureau valise à roulettes out of box workstation design Planet3 studio

Series I am hooked on the job, but I am cares here is Office mobile on wheels Out-of-Box workstation. Such suitcase with wheels, this nomadic Office moves with you through a built-in retractable handle. For find you easily all the elements it contains are drawn on its surface. Even if you are high-spirited it’ll be hard to get lost. Such a snail that wanders with his house on his back, you will now be able to move you your Office to hand. After the open-space, here are the Office mobile 2.0. But how far will go mobility?

bureau mobile out of box workstation

bureau mobile à roulettesbureau mobile à roulettes

bureau nomade out of box workstation

More information on the nomadic skateboard Out-of-Box Workstation Desktop
Designers: Kalhan Mattoo, Santha Gour Mattoo, Kanwaldeep Kapoor, Hina Parmar
Publisher: Planet 3 studio

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