Metal walls to decorate

Paredes de metal para decorar
In wall coverings , it gives the feeling that we have seen it all. Do not you think? From wallpaper of all types, shapes, textures and patterns, to the most incredible painting techniques. And of course, ceramics: this wonderful material that allows unexpected finishes…

Today we will loop the loop and bet on a material that normally not used to clad the walls of houses. We are talking about the metal, especially in his polished and shiny appearance. Because there are new coatings that allow you to decorate the walls of the House in a way completely futuristic and avant-garde.

The images that you can see in this article belong to collections of coverings of the firm Nemotile. This company specializes in coatings for walls of all kinds: from the classics of ceramics to the glass (in all its forms, including the classic tile), through other materials such as wood or metal. The latest addition to the range has been the series Viscay Platinum: pieces of glass with stainless steel finish. That in addition to providing unparalleled shine of this material, also it allow combinations with embossing and whimsical shapes.

Paredes de metal para decorar
In Nemotile they also have authentic metal parts to cover walls. It is the case of the Razor (in the photo that opens the post) model, a few sophisticated mosaics of metal which are presented in many formats: small circles of the size of a coin, surfaces that simulate braided Wicker, geometric textures in two shades… The finishes available include the aforementioned stainless steel, Gold & nickel.

With these coatings, as well as renew completely our stays and give a touch of the future to the walls, is also possible to increase the brightness of a dark room. That Yes: my advice is that Sockets be used in small doses, perhaps in a corner, bands, or on individual walls. We know that the little, like…