Make your Cork forest of pins

bosque chinchetas

Very discreet that attempt to make the pins, they are always, when that happens with anything, at the end the best is not trying to hide her, but design it so that it would be nice. That is why I loved the idea of this Cork whose profile gives the idea of a forest and in which the pins that are stuck so complete that they have the form of small trees.

All the pins are green color , in various shades lighter and darker and with the Cork color combination looks great. Not all the houses there is a Cork, however it is quite useful to make notes, to place some pictures and change them frequently or hang any drawing that have made children, another option is to put all that in the refrigerator with magnets.

To my I love decorate the fridge with some magnets, but did not collapse her roles, by Cork it seems an ideal complement, we can have it in sight in a common area such as the hallway or the receiver, if we are going to use for reminders and messages or more intimate and private if we want to put in a place photos and several memories, for example, in the bedroom, in any situation always can look good.

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