Maintenance of ventilation hoods

Mantenimiento de las campanas extractoras
The extractor hood is essential in any kitchen, and that it meets a super role: evacuate the fumes and odours during cooking of foods. And it is that the window is not enough to eliminate such vapors so annoying when it comes to cooking.

In addition, today, campaigns not only fulfill a practical function, but they are most decorative thanks to its innovative designs, exercise a function of illumination and are super practical. Ideally, hoods to cover completely the cooking plate so that they can fulfil your object correctly. But that is not all, for it to work perfectly for many years good maintenanceis required. We are going to explain to you how to get a long life for your hood. Ready?

As you’ve seen, the hood are grease very easily. However, it is important to always keep clean to ensure hygiene when cooking proper, something even more important in the models decorative, which tend to have a larger surface area to grease.

The washing of filters, which must be done every few days is also very important. That Yes, we must take into account what is cooked at home, since a campaign that starts once a week to another which is in operation every day will not be the same. Fortunately, the newer models incorporate a detector saturation of filters that alerts you when cleaning is required.

You can wash metal filters in the dishwasher and, if they lose brightness, you can retrieve it by rubbing with a cloth soaked in dishwasher rinse aid. As for the decorative part of the campaign, it is best to use a cloth wet with a little neutral SOAP. In addition, special kitchen wipes can come well. Finally, re-circulation campaigns you must change carbon filters once a year.

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