Light Coral, a natural and very cool design

Lámpara Coral, un diseño natural y muy fresco
Would you like to put your House in a breath of sea air? Bring reminiscences of the beach, the summer of the depths of the ocean? Well now you can do it, without leaving aside the more spectacular design. You will only have to get the Coral lamp designed by Lagranja Design for the Italian firm Palluco.

A family of luminaires composed by modular elements shaped like branches of marine coral, and that are joining to create the lamp. You have it available in all formats: ceiling, table and floor.

Lámpara Coral, un diseño natural y muy fresco
The modular element which has the shape of sea coral, and that made up the lamp of the same name, is made of injection-moulded ABS. The key to the design is that this element is repeated several times until the resulting lamp in question, from the simplest to the most complex, as it happens in the nature. Coral branches They are inserted in a supporting structure made of steel and painted in the same colours.

If you like these lamps, that combine design and natural forms, you can choose the colour version carrying some other color coral branches, to achieve a striking contrast. You have it in white with sprigs of Orange, ivory with twigs in grey and black, and grey black with twigs in ivory.

Lámpara Coral, un diseño natural y muy fresco
Lagranja Design Design Studio was born in Barcelona in 2001, Gerard Sanmartí and Gabriele Schiavon hand, having as main objective become multidisciplinary, which was not limited to a single field, a study but that he intended to devote himself to designing interiors, packaging and product. And so it has been. Today Lagranja Design works in Spain and Italy with private clients, such as public.

Another important aspect in Lagranja Design is the chapter devoted to teaching and research, land in which collaborate with centres such as the IED, the Elisava School of design, etc.

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