Krattenkast with “cages” sideboard of vegetables

crates1 Aparador Krattenkast con “jaulas” de verduras
Once again, bet on the designs and designers who love recycling. In this case, the furniture (or rather, the series of furniture) that has drawn us attention is a creation of Droog Design, a Design Studio Dutch characterized by originality and economic proposals, and the smart use of waste materials.

This Dresser industrial aspect bears the name Krattenkast (“cages” sideboard, more or less) and its concept is very simple: a welded steel structure equipped with “cages” of plastic of second-hand, that are used to store vegetables, bottles of milk…

Design is Mark van der Gronden, and we can see different variants of these images: a sideboard and a shelf. The designs are furniture basically functional, free of any superfluous adornment and manufactured with recycled material. The steel structure is completely linear, formed by metal profiles section L cut and welded to set up the simplest of designs. This structure is the same for all the furniture; each design are customise with employed, cages of different colors and formats. They are furniture ideal for rooms decorated with industrial and minimalist style, but also for cheerful children’s rooms.

crates2 Aparador Krattenkast con “jaulas” de verduras
Although each cage (that drawers) is a color, format and size, all measures have been carefully calculated to form furniture balanced and functional. The color and design of each piece of furniture is unique because the cages vary constantly: there seems to be endless models It is certainly an excellent proposal that you can find on the website of Droog Design. And for those who have creative concerns, an idea: buy the structure of wood or metal and put cages that you can get at fruterías or supermarkets.

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