Known Norse decoration

Among the decorative styles that have become more fashionable, Nordic style is one which we listen to appoint more and see in magazines and blogs for decoration. What are the keys to this style? What it is? What is its origin?

Estilo nórdico

Simplifying a lot, the Nordic style is relaxed and gentle, and provides a comforting sensation of warmth. The wood is very nearly always present in their natural tones or lacquered in white and one could argue that it is the main material. The space in the Nordic style décor will always have a functional design and will be sought that all the rooms are full of light.

Wherever possible, load-bearing walls of brick, wooden beams , coverings and antique stuccoes are left to view and combined with some elements of industrial style. There is also a great freedom to combine pieces of furniture from top quality or design, with other furniture economic.

Items such as clothes, shoes or kitchen utensils, provided that they have their place to not break the essential feeling of harmony, can be visible, since it is one of the most striking notes of this style. It is also key using furniture and decorative elements with uses other than those for which they were initially designed: chairs or trunks as bedside tables, door as a headboard or ladders as a magazine rack or small interior gardens.

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